My Job Studio – recruiting talent with artificial intelligence

By March 13, 2018

My Job Studio is making waves in the Latin American startup world. The company aims to solve the problem of matching the right employee with the right employer, and vice versa. It uses an online-profiling bot that analyzes and anticipates the needs of companies.

laura angel of myjobstudio

Laura Ángel of MyJobStudio

Colombian Laura Ángel, 26, along with Mexican Miguel Torres, also 26, came up with the idea to use artificial intelligence to streamline the hiring process. They have been in operation for two years in Chile, Colombia, and Mexico.

The young duo found that even though companies had thousands of applicants, they had trouble accurately finding the right candidates to suit their needs. They set out to fix this issue using AI – they developed a bot that uses data intelligence as well as artificial intelligence to accurately predict who would be a good match.

They stumbled on AI as the medium out of expediency. “When the idea of My Job Studio started, we weren’t contemplating artificial intelligence. We just wanted to make a recruitment process that was less tedious and bureaucratic for both parties, but after working 6 months on a ‘basic’ platform, we realized that we could be more precise and agile using artificial intelligence in the skills recognition process and the methodology for conducting interviews,” explained Laura.

Think of it as a kind of Tinder for employee recruiting. The service matches candidates and companies if they are deemed compatible by the bot, which then gives a preliminary interview. If the candidate is deemed compatible, they are invited to fill a vacancy, before they are given a soft skills test and then a hard skills, or technical test. This makes a lot less work for the company’s recruiter, who can then see who is a proper match for the company.

My Job Studio charges a fixed rate for recruiters. Laura explained to that, “we do not focus on the attraction of talent, but on the profiling of good talent. We are the recruiter’s right hand.”

Laura says that she wants to strengthen the platform so they can expand to other markets, “we are currently focusing on strengthening the intelligence of our bots in terms of skills intelligence and candidate knowledge. But in the short term, we are working on help-bots for both companies and recruiters, with the aim of facilitating their work and making it more accurate and analytical.” In addition, Miguel adds, “we want talent and companies to identify us as a provider of quality employment through an easy and effective process.”

In 2018, the young entrepreneurs seek to expand to the cities of Guadalajara, Monterrey, Querétaro, and Bajío. By the end of the year, they hope to expand to Peru and Argentina as well.