This app tells you every movie where a character says the title of the movie in the actual movie

By November 17, 2018

You’re out with some friends at the cinema, you’re at home watching Netflix with your significant other. The flick has you completely immersed. Suddenly, something very strange happens. One of the characters in the movie says the title of the film in a witty line of dialogue, or at a major plot point. You turn to your friends or partner and give each other a goofy smile. You then ask yourself, what other movies are out there where one of the characters says the name of the film in the actual film?

Film buffs rejoice. The new app, cleverly titled MovieSaysMovie does just what you’ve always dreamed of: The app aggregates movie titles where a character physically pronounces the name of the movie within the movie itself.

How does the app do this? The MovieSaysMovie team wanted to show their dedication and love for image artsby physically sitting through every movie  released since 1888, and jotting down the names of the ones that applied, including the exact moment when the line was spoken or if it was repeated multiple times.

Just to give you an idea of the heavy workload involved, there have been a total of 10,281 movies released in North America from 2001 to 2017 alone. Considering the average runtime of a film, that’s about 18,000 hours of binge-watching marathons. Let’s not forget to include the 100 years worth of film releases prior to the 21st century. Since the team is based out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, it’s safe to say that if they’re willing to give up the beach life for film obsession, they sure are dedicated.

With this revolutionary technology, audiences will never have to remember which films fit the category of ‘says the title in the film,’ as they will be displayed on their smartphone screens. What’s more, the app is designed to display the titles in a compact and direct way, bold comic sans font against a white background. That way, there’s no need to sift through endless movie posters.

And their work has paid off. To date, the app contains a healthy roster of 57 movies to choose from. A spokesperson at MovieSaysMovie didn’t have much time to speak to me on the phone, saying in the interview that he had “like 8 damn hours” of screen time to finish viewing. However, he mentioned that their future plans include going through TV series as well. We look forward to seeing their results.

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